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Settings: setting up your people and vehicles


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Enter your first and last name. Your organization can be your company, association, or family. FlyOverTrip allows you to store information for any number of vehicles. Enter your e-mail and the name of your first vehicle. You can add more information about this vehicle later.

Click Save. Your will receive your password via e-mail. (You can change it later.) Then you can log in. Clicking on the FlyOverTrip icon will bring you to the main menu. (To change users, go to 'Profile', 'change user' and log in again.)



To start a trip, just click on the 'Start' button on the bottom left



You can add photos and movies anytime along your trip and display them on your mobile or your desktop by going to the address


You can change vehicle anytime, and use the options Walking, Running or Biking. If you enter yout fuel data using 'Keepengine', a companion product, the cost of the trip will be displayed in real time.


Click on the 'Finish' button on the bottom left corner to complete your trip. FlyOverTrip will save your route and photos on the cloud in real time with any Internet connection. Without Internet connection, it will save locally and you will be able to upload when you find any Internet connection. You get by email the addresses of your trip and your current voyage if any.

Here is the history:

Any GPS trip can be viewed on a map:  

A trip by boat:  

A trip by boat, including photos:  

The trip function is useful in calculating expenses for business trips and makes reimbursement easy. It's also simply a fun way to record your adventures!

FlyOverTrip will record your trip on a map while simultaneously calculating the trip's cost.  '

The real-time cost is based on your last fuel price and your average mpg (or the national average if your mpg is not yet available). Fuel price and MPG are calculated by Keepengine, an option of FlyOverTrip that you can find here:

The trip cost report will calculate your reimbursement cost or each of your tag category and month




Voyages are successions of trips, (See video). You can click on each leg to display the corresponding trip, tour and photos. You can assemble any number of trips in a voyage by giving the first and last trip numbers. You can create, delete and display your voyages. You can also create a voyage 'active' by giving your first trip number. Each new trip will automatically be assembled with your current voyage. when you are back from vacation for example, you can declare this voyage inactive.



Use the "Settings" function to create/edit your vehicles and manage people and preferences.


Let's start by creating a vehicle.

Click on "Vehicle," "+New,"and the vehicle type ("Car"). and click on '+ New'. Enter the name and select the make.

Select the model

Select the year

Select the transmission type






You can share your data with others by inviting them to connect with you.



You can send support requests using the form on the "About" page. (Found under "Settings.")




You can change your units when traveling in other countries. All data recorded in other units will be recalculated. Odometer mileage can be entered only in the unit defined in the vehicle settings.  


Send position

Send position (in the trip menu) allows you to send your coordinates and a message to a list of emails or sms addresses:


First the list needs to be setup:

Click on the "send Position" Button. Your position will be sent to your correspondants. Each of them will receive by SMS or E-mail your position on a map.




What is FlyOverTrip?
FlyOverTrip simulates a bird flying 1000 feets over your trip. It will also display all your photos  and movies on the map and trip information such as cost, elevations, duration, etc.

Is FlyOverTrip secure?

yes, all transactions are going through the cloud https secure protocol

What platforms is FlyOverTrip working on?
FlyOverTrip works on Iphones, Ipads, Androids, Pcs and Macs.

Does FlyOverTrip work with multiple cars and drivers?

Yes you can configure any number of vehicles and drivers in your organization.

What vehicles FlyOverTrip work with?
FlyOverTrip works with cars and  boats.

Can I use FlyOverTrip when I am hiking or bicycling?
Yes, any trip can be recorded for hiking / running or bicycling purposes. You can indicate it during a trip or before.

What if I change my mobile or if it gets lost?
No problem, all your data is saved on a secured cloud server.

How do I get my Mileage?
Your car will be matched against a data base of 35,000 types of vehicles. Each time you enter your fuel at the gas pump with Keepengine, it will calculate your immediate and average MPG. Depending on your fuel data entry, FlyOverTrip will use the national MPG, your average or immediate MPG calculated by FlyOverTrip.

How is calculated the MPG on a boat?
FlyOverTrip uses the number of hours in the engine and calculates the numbers of Gallons per hour used by your boat.

What is a trip?
A trip will record all your GPS coordinates every second. It displays your real time cost, speed and bearing. You can also take photos, movies  and notes. Trips can be previewed with the map, tracks, photos and a FlyOverTrip tour.

Can I display my FlyOverTrip on mobiles?
Data used to create FlyOverTrip is recorded by your mobile. You can display your trips and photos on your mobiles, Macs or PCs. The FlyOver tours cannot be displayed on mobiles yet.

What are the differences between trips and voyages?
Voyages are a succession of trips. You can set a current voyage for all the next trips your will perform, or create voyages afterward. Clicking on each leg of the voyage will bring the trip with the map, track, FlyOverTrip and the photos.
See a world wide voyage <>

Can I enter fuel or services during a trip?
Yes, go to keepengine, fuel or services and enter your data.

What is the quality of the photos?
You can choose low quality with a possibility of cropping and scaling or high quality. The high quality on the Iphones are the top quality you can get. You can specify the resolution with the android phones, but be aware that the highest resolutions can sometimes crash Flyovertrip with some older models of mobile phones.

What happens if I am out of battery during a trip?
There is no problem if you have an Internet connection. You can resume your trip after you recharge your mobile. In case you had no Internet for a while and you took photos, the photos are saved in your Iphone Photo-album. these photos will get lost in FlyOverTrip with Iphones. However You can import them later on in your trip if these photos have been geo-tagged, depending on your settings and the version of your Iphone. We recommend to always have a backup battery when you go on a hiking trip with no Internet connection.

Can I use FlyOverTrip for my accounting?
Yes, each trip can be associated with a keyword, for example a client. You can generate the total monthly cost for each of your clients.