Flyovertrip Help


Each time you click on the position icon, you can


Long press over the map to add a Waypoint. You can delete or modify or drag the waypoint. If you are recording a trail, all the waypoints will be saved with your trail.

Start recording

Click on 'Start tracking'. Your mobile starts recording your trail. You can save any time and give a name and stop your trip any time. If you are out of battery, the aplication will resume your trail when you restart your mobile.

Trail Start

Each trail has a green starting waypoint. By clicking on the waypoint, you can display the altitudes of the trail.

Load french GRs trails

Click on 'French GRs

You get the list of all the trails and you can search by trail ID, or city. Each character that you type will automatically refresh the list. Click on a trail to load.

Find closest trails Be sure that the center of your screen has GRs trails around. Click on Find 'closest trails' to see the list. Then click on 'Load all' to load all of them. It is a good idea to load a trail first to center your screen and then find the closest trails.

Points of interest

You can go to a city or a street.
You can search for hotels, restaurants, groceries along your way.

Most of the points of interest have a phone number and a web site.


You can change the unit in miles, kms or nautical miles.